Thursday, December 18, 2014

New single from Kern is out now. Download today from Itunes. 

early Kern Richards produced by Tex and the Horseheads Guitarist Mike Martt. Definitely worth a listen and purchase with this raucous shanty.

After the release of Anywhere But Home Mr. Richards shows a different side of the musical coin with "She ain't heavy she's an anchor". A dry wit and uptempo arrangement makes this near field recording memorable. Kerns gravely voice comes in loud and strong under the direction of Producer Mike Martt (Tex and the Horseheads, Theolonious Monster and Gun Club guitarist). The tune was recorded as part of a group of tunes slated for one of Kerns early releases.A new kind of folk, punk or blues? You be the judge.
Hers a little insight on the session that gave birth to this tune from Kern:"Mike had a new Protools setup and a couple good microphones. I'm living in a shithole apartment on 1st and Linden; he's living on 3rd, downtown, in a kind of 1960's surf shack. It had been slowly consumed by commercial buildings all around it, and at that point was only accessible through a very narrow alley guarded by a cast-iron gate. When you walked through the alley between the buildings, you came upon a huge piece of land with an open backyard, and Mike's house. 

We recorded 4 songs, most of them in one take in his living room. Mike's good dog, Tallulah, laid there quietly and listened through the whole process. Sound was good, songs were good. Mike added some harmonica to Alcohol Dreams and we were done. We talked about recording more tracks, but we never did. It was my first solo studio recording; knowing that Mike Martt produced it made all the difference for me. He's one hell of a great human being, but whatever you do, don't tell him I said so."

Kern heads out in November for more East Coast Dates with Stevie Tombstone. Support independent artists Listen and Buy today.